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COVID-19 update

White Plains, March 16, 2020

 We have been strategizing how best to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic which has now firmly entered our communities. These are uncharted and tense times posing unique challenges. We are implementing some significant changes in how we provide care, in the hope of providing the safest environment for our patients and staff.

Guided by recommendations from CDC and OSHA, and in response to the coronavirus outbreak, all elective procedures and appointments are being rescheduled until further notice; this includes dental cleanings.

We will resume our normal operations in 14 days. If urgent dental treatment is necessary, our practice will work with you to determine the appropriate precautions on a case-by-case basis to avoid the potential spread of diseases among patients, visitors, and staff.

Finally, please understand that we are all responsible for each other’s well being. Our collective effort to ‘flatten the curve’ is critical. This cannot be overstated. Now is the time to stay home, wash hands and maintain social distancing. We are at an inflection point and individual choices can have a dramatic effect on other people’s lives.

Together, we will get through this!


 Adriana Zamora DDS

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